Classified, online and free lessons for learning the German language.
Lessons include German pronunciation, German grammar, German vocabulary


German vocabulary learning
Vocabulary lessons


The vocabulary section includes dozens of different categories of German words categorized based on different characteristics, such as categories by level, subject as well as book words.

German alphabet and pronunciation
Step-by-step pronunciation lessons


In the alphabet and pronunciation section, you will get acquainted with the letters of the German alphabet and how to pronounce them. It also has an educational library for learning the pronunciation of phonetic letters used in German.

German Grammar
Classified grammar lessons


The Website Grammar Library has a large collection of German-related grammar lessons categorized thematically. These lessons cover almost all the major grammatical issues of any language.



Simple German texts
German short story


In this section, you can learn German by using text and stories. Learning a language through text and stories in addition to reading skills also helps to improve vocabulary learning.

German educational music
Learn German through music

In the music section, you can improve your German language skills by listening to different types of music and reading lyrics, and learn new words by practicing a song.

German Conversation Training
Learn German Conversation


The Conversation section helps you improve your conversational skills in German by having categorized examples of conversations at different levels.



Information about the German countries
Information on German-speaking countries
Learn more about German-speaking countries!